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Instrumentation Accesories

   Instrumentation Accesories

  • Instrumentation Accesories

Instrumentation Accesories

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Instrumentation Hardware::

Condense Pots

Air Headers & Distribution Blocks

Quick Release Couplings

Pressure gauge Accessories

1.Pressure Gauge

With Different Dial Size (1” to 6”)

With Different Connection( Bottom & Back)

With Different reading indication(Bar, PSI, Kg/cm2)

Brand: Pioneer, Wika

2.Multi meter

With Different Types (Analog & Digital)

With Different Readings

3.Temperature Measurement

Distance to spot ratio(41 to 1 )

Temperature ranges (-30° to 800°C)

Brand: Fluke, Milwaukee

4.Flow meter

For measuring Different Flow rate reading

With different Connection size

Brand: Omega

5.Float switch

With Different Length & Sizes

Orientation: Horizontal & Vertical

Material: PVC, Nylon, Stainless steel etc

6.Micro meter

Brand: Mitutoyo, Tresna

Types: Internal, External, Depth type (Analog & Digital)

Range: 0mm to 300 mm

7.Vernier Calipers

Brand: Mitutoyo, Tresna

Different Sizes(0 mm to 800 mm)

8.Height gauge

Brand: Mitutoyo, Tresna

9.Pressure Switch

Brand: Densco, OEM

Range: 1 to 300 bar

Different connection size

10.Distance Measurement

Brand: Bosch, Fluke

Measuring range (0 to 200 meter)

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